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Call me future Ironman…

I was a spectator today at the Miami 70.3 Ironman… I really enjoyed watching thousands of athletes. What a great race!

I was near the finish and cheered for a friend and the first thing he said to me after the finish line was “I FEEL SO STRONG!” It was his first half- ironman and he finished the 1.2-mile (1.9 km) swim, a 56-mile (90 km) bike ride, and a 13.1-mile (21 km) in 5:48:04!

When i met him two days ago he was pretty excited and nervous, but today he did an awesome performance!

A year ago he did not even think about doing a half ironman. He had the best coach and training buddy… What a success story!!! And I’m sure the story will be continued with a full Ironman.

He definitely inspired and motivated me to train harder and to do that race next year… !!!

Verena 🙂

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It’s almost midnight and I’m starving…

I’m sure everyone knows that feeling when you’re laying in your bed and getting hungry.

I’m asking myself right now should I go to the fridge and get a midnight snack or stay in bed and try to fall asleep.

I’m thinking what I did today… I joined a Zumba class this morning, rode my bike to work (9 mi), swam 30 min, 60 min workout on Skype with a client and an intense workout class in the evening.

I guess I burnt 1500 or more calories during my workouts today and a few more being busy with clients and my kids the rest of the day.

I try to remember what I ate…
A bagel and coffee in the morning , a protein shake as a late morning snack, a sandwich with turkey breast and cheese for lunch, coffee and 2 cookies after lunch, an apple and a handful carrots as snack in the afternoon, a chocolate bar ( 100g Milka noisette) as energy booster for my last workout and a protein smoothie with strawberries and banana for dinner after my last workout…

Hmmm, I think I burnt more calories than I ate today. But if I go to my fridge now i would definitely eat too much because I’m starving and then I would feel full and uncomfortable.

I’m glad I’m tired from writing and proud of myself that I didn’t eat in the middle of the night…

Staying busy helps a lot! Good night!

Love, Verena 🙂

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A dog is a great running buddy

It’s not easy to find a training partner
with the same amount of commitment – too often both the flesh and the spirit are weak.

Whether you’re training for a marathon or just looking to improve your fitness through running or jogging, your dog could be perfect companion.

Your best buddy won’t accept your excuses… When that tail starts wagging, it’s hard to say no…

He may be as out of shape as you, so go easy. Before starting him out on your exercise program, have him checked by a veterinarian (his heart, lungs, joints, etc.). By the way, if you haven’t been exercising for some time, you may want to consider a checkup as well.

Start out slowly and build up endurance. You will see that going out for a run makes us all happier souls.

Verena 🙂


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Protein is so important for us!

Try to add protein to each meal if your goal is to loose fat and to build muscles… These plants are good alternatives to protein from animals. Keep them in mind!

Verena 🙂


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Go for a walk/run… It’s so beautiful outside!!!


20120526-100328.jpg I love to run at the circle in Aventura… On lap is almost 3 mi… great for beginners and advanced runners…


There are many big old trees along the path… That means you get a lot shade and there are drinking water fountains too to stay cool and hydrated in the hot Miami sun…

I’m running there once a week and it’s a great alternative to my beach and treadmill runs…

Try to find your own favorite spot to run/walk… And do it together with a friend… Double up the motivation!

Verena 🙂

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Dancing in the rain…


“Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness

has never danced in the rain”

You can’t change the weather… stay positive and get your workout done… When you are done you will feel much better… I promise… 😉


Verena 🙂

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HIIT… That’s the best way to train for sure

You are wondering what HIIT is? It stands for High Intensity Interval Training… I just read this article and I really believe that this is the most effective way to get stronger and to burn fat…


Verena 🙂

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Workout with my son is fun!

My 16year old son wants to get in great shape for the summer in Austria and he asked me to help him… What a great honor… !!! I love to workout with him…

20120518-183908.jpgWe have 4 weeks until we leave to Austria… The goal is to show off nice muscular arms and abs… I’m ready to do this challenge with him and kick his butt… 😉

Today we did our 2nd workout together… We did 45min arms, chest, back and abs… At the end I killed him with 15 bosu burpees… LOL

No PAIN, no GAIN …

I’m sure if he stays motivated and committed he will see results pretty soon…

I try to document his progress and I hope that will motivate his friends and other people too…

Love, Verena 🙂

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Learn to move on with a broken heart…

If you are heartbroken you think the best thing is to move on… But then you meet someone new and you find out that you are not ready… You are afraid to get hurt again…

No matter how “good”, smart, helpful, giving, or attractive you are, you can’t control other people. If they leave you, they have their reasons…and sometimes those reasons have nothing to do with you. The sooner you accept your lack of control, the easier it’ll be to let go of someone you love…

Therefore it is so important to focus on yourself… don’t rush anything…

do what you love to do… enjoy yourself…

“Love yourself first and

everything falls into line”


Verena 🙂

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Happy journaling… :)

A few months ago my friend ERIN and I were both in a very difficult stage of life and we were talking a lot and trying to help each other… At this time we got the idea to start writing a journal.. We went together to a store and bought the books… I remember we had a great time inspiring and motivating each other… We promised each other to write about DREAMS, WISHES and GOOD THOUGHTS only…

I started writing the same day… My first page I dedicated to my best friends…

You should write about the JOY and ACCOMPLISHMENTS in your life. Life has ups and downs for us and writing about good times in life helps us through more difficult times…

Write about the “JOURNEY” OF YOUR LIFE. What is happening in your work, family and in the world around you…Always write about the important people in your life… Open up your heart and don’t be afraid of your feelings…Writing can be very emotional…

The things that are bothering you the most are also great to journal about. At times this may be difficult, but it helps you to understand your own feelings and helps to let things go or accept things the way they are…

REREAD what you’ve written…

KEEP WRITING your journal and the more dedicated you are to your journal the more valuable it becomes… Find ways to make journaling a habit and keep doing it!


Love, Verena 🙂

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